Fast and Accurate Inventory Distribution Channel Manager

Dynamic and handy Channel Manager system which automates distribution processes with real time responsiveness, that sets you free from the hassle of constant inventory update.

Complete control on your sales

Supercharge your property’s bookings and revenue with our advanced Channel Manager System. Seamlessly synchronize your inventory, rates, and availability across all major booking channels in real-time. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to effortless management. Maximize your efficiency, increase bookings, and elevate your property’s success with our game-changing solution. Upgrade today and unlock your property’s full potential.

Instant updates

Instantly update your inventory, rooms, and rates across all booking channels with a single click. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to streamlined efficiency. Experience the power of instant updates

Manage promotions

Centralize your promotions effortlessly with our Channel Manager. Manage promotions across booking channels from one platform. Boost revenue and engage guests effectively.

Fastest inventory distribution

Updating your inventories and rates becomes a matter of seconds. Expand your reach across multiple channels and minimize the hustle of overbooking.

Accurate business insights

Real-time performance insights of your property on various channels, with reports on bookings, revenue, cancellation rates and such likes.

Channel manager mobile app

Perform inventory distribution operations like stop sale, rate and inventory updates, and many more on your fingertips with our mobile channel manager app.

Automatic price finder

Experience the power of automated pricing. Effortlessly streamline revenue management, unlocking your property's full earning potential with precision and ease, dominate your market and elevate your success.

Rate threshold

Set and enforce minimum and maximum rate limits effortlessly, ensuring you never miss out on potential earnings. Your shield against profit leakage, guaranteeing optimized revenue streams and peace of mind.

OTA messages

Streamline communication across multiple platforms seamlessly, saving you time and ensuring guest satisfaction. Stay in control of your online presence and enhance guest experiences with ease.

Competitor's rate analysis

Access competitors' rates directly. Instantly analyze market trends and set optimal rates for your property, staying ahead of the competition effortlessly.

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